Los Ramones Nuevo León

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Los Ramones, Nuevo León, is a municipality rich in culture and livestock activities with 74 towns and the renowned reputation of being the “cradle of great musicians”. It deserves admiration for its vibrant culture and lively activities.

Francisco Rodríguez Baca, The municipality owes its existence to this legendary colonizer who established it and named it “Rancho El Capadero”. This event occurred during the last years of the XVIII century.

Until 1847 this ranch belonged to the municipality of Cerralvo, but in November of that same year it ceased to be so and became part of the municipality of Cadereyta Jimenez.

Its dry steppe climate makes it home to vegetation such as: different types of cacti, mainly nopal and pitaya, as well as some trees such as mesquite or sabino and fauna such as: snake, coyote, wild boar, armadillo, land tortoise, rabbit, wild cat, puma, hare and white-tailed deer.

This climate and the desire of its people to get ahead, make it a place where agriculture, livestock and carpentry, are key activities to make a living, this municipality has irrigated areas in which basic grains such as corn, wheat, beans, sorghum and some fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, melon and pumpkin are grown.

The livestock is characterized by milking up to 10,000 liters of milk per day, producing the best quality kid, as well as the elaboration of other foods that are part of our culture, such as dried meat, cheese, homemade bread, hojarascas and burnt milk candies.

The character of the people who live in this municipality is characterized by their nobility and good humor, they are friendly and cheerful, very similar to the peasant or northern cowboy, highlighting their taste for dancing and regional music, hence its fame for being the birthplace of great musicians such as: Lalo García, Rafael Silva, Los Invasores de Nuevo León, Lalo Mora, Carlos y José, Luis y Julian, Los Arrieros, Dinastía de Ramones and many more.

This makes it a place where horseback riding, dances and fairs are part of its culture, finding among the typical festivities some such as: the religious festivity of March 19, Saint Joseph’s Day, patron saint of this municipality, while in October and November the constitution of this municipality is celebrated with the traditional Agricultural Fair in which cattle, agricultural machinery, regional food and entertainment with mechanical games and dances are sold.

Another important festivity of this municipality is the famous horseback ride from Ramones to Terán, which brings together between 400 and 500 riders from the region and neighboring states.

In summary, the municipality of Los Ramones in Nuevo Leon is a vibrant and diverse place, with a unique combination of agricultural wealth, natural beauty, growing industry and cultural tradition. It is an attractive destination for those seeking an authentic and vibrant experience in Mexico.


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